Solar System Services 

Solar Panels for Residential and Commercial Solar Installations 

We offer grid tied & off grid.  Roof mount or pole mount available. Call us for all your solar needs. ​ We offer a monitoring system so you know how much energy you are producing.  With solar rebates & tax credits available, solar is very affordable. We also offer significant savings starting at $2,000.00 for HVAC & Solar Combos.

Solar Panels

The solar panels are the main component of the system and are responsible for turning sunlight into electricity. These panels are placed on your roof, on a ground mount, or on a nearby structure with good exposure to the sun. When the sunlight hits the panels, they start producing electricity.

Electrical Panel

Depending on the configuration of your building, the electricity may then flow into your main electric panel or breaker box. The power can then be utilized by your home or business.


From the panels, the DC power is transferred to an inverter. This piece of equipment converts the electricity into AC electricity, which is the most common type of electricity. Inverters can be in the form of a central hub or can be installed on the back of each individual solar panel.

Bi-Directional Meter 

Your utility provider will install a net meter. If your solar system is producing more power than what you’re currently using, your meter will actually turn backwards and you’ll generate credits on the grid.